The company VESTER was estabilished to fulfill the need for creating and building a new reality. Set up in January 1991 in the new Poland, it took advantage of market economy to become a source of self-fulfillment and development. The management as well as other company employees, embarking on more and more demanding enterprises, reacted to the changes in the surrounding world with great flexibility.

The goal i.e. the widest range of buildings possible, with all their stages: an idea, location, design and completion, can be reached owing to constant cooperation, especially with two design studios from Łódź and Poznań. Our regular clients, for whom the company has completed several projects, have inspired new values which are creativity and high quality.

More than 150 projects completed both at home and abroad, including over 50 buildings for medical and pharmaceutical purposes, have given grounds for our expertise and wide cooperation.

The company policy aiming mainly at customer satisfaction formed a basis for dynamic development. The staff of the company is made up of several engineers representing a variety of specializations, economists, lawyers, technicians as well as devoted bricklayers, assemblers, electricians, pipefitters and drivers.

VESTER’s activity is also related to forming social bonds and taking on action within the sphere of social responsibility in business. The years to come will bring in new challenges and chances as well as threats which we hope to turn into successes of our clients and partners.





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